The GVX Project

GVX is an exciting new development by Thrive Companies in Grandview that will consist of commercial, retail, and residential spaces. While the property is in construction it is important to produce 3D Modeling assets that accurately and effectively reflect residential and amenity spaces to help build interest and increase pre-lease opportunities while the property is still being built.

The Project 

Overhead Floor Plans


Unit Photo-Realistic Renderings


Community Room Renders


The Process

Our simple three-step process helped the GVX team create and utilize life-like modeling assets that allowed them to connect with future residents while their property was still in the construction phase.



The process began by working in conjunction with the GVX team and other third-party vendors (like the architecture team) to compile and create an asset bank that features real-life finishes, furniture, textures, and more.



With the resources collected, we began modeling out the units and common spaces, applying finishes, furnishing, and staging the units.



To conclude, we took the approved models and added the final touches. By utilizing various textures, lighting, and other effects we were able to create photo-realistic visuals that the GVX team was able to share and post on its digital listing.

See Results

Work That Works. 

The Results.

Ahead of Schedule

Thrive and the GVX team were able to create and share a number of digital assets with future renters months before the property finished construction.

Digital Listings

Thrive was able to add visual content that showcased its amazing community and units on digital listings like, Zillow, and other third-party renter apps.

Website Content

3D modeling assets helped Thrive increase both website content and traffic. Which ultimately lead to an increase in inquiries from future renters.

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