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How To Use Renderings and Tours In Your Lease-Up Marketing Strategy

Every day, people are moving homes and getting new apartments. And most of these apartment rentals are handled by real estate agents who link them to the right apartments.

With 111 million apartment renters, renting new units every 80 seconds, it's clear that there's enough to go around for every agent. Yet, some agents struggle with meeting their quota, or personal rental goals.

While there are a few reasons for this, one that might help increase those numbers is the use of house rendering software. Agents who are currently using top 3D rendering software in their business are seeing a significant uptick in sales and rentals.

Why? Well, it's because people can actually "see" what they want to rent before contacting the agent's listing online or even seeing the property in person.

Not just that, the benefits are many.

Gets You More Clients

When it comes to renting new apartments, people prefer seeing the apartment first before making any payment. Unfortunately, most people are so busy with work, they rarely have time to inspect their dream apartments.

Why is this a problem if they can just come back some other time? Well, it's simple. Great apartments don't stay in the market for long. So, if the client doesn't check the apartment when it's available, chances are they'll miss out on those apartments.

For a real estate agent trying to fill up an apartment building with new renters, this can be a problem if they don't have the sole mandate. Someone else can rent the same apartment to another person.

With a 3D render though, the same real estate agent can just show the client what the apartment looks like. And the client never has to leave their office or home. Imagine that.

This alone will do wonders for their business and get them more clients, as the render will help the clients experience the apartment without even stepping a foot in the door. If you've been on the fence about 3D renders, now's the right time to get on board.

Makes Apartment Rentals Easier

As a real estate agent, the most difficult part of your job is selling people on rental properties and getting them to rent. Selling is easier with the use of the best house rendering software in the market.

It also means you don't have to sell as hard or pressure as much as when they have a clear picture of what they're renting.

The good thing about this is, instead of waiting for walk-ins and scheduling house inspections -which can limit the number of people you can attend to at once-, you can just sell to many people at once.

How's this possible? Well, you can have all interested parties log on to your webinar, and show them the apartment on the webinar. The 3D rendering software will do the rendering in such a manner that all participants will know what they'll get if they rent.

Even better, you can save that on Youtube or any other video portal, and send the link to anyone interested in the property. And if you optimize the videos for your target area, you might even enjoy higher search engine rankings.

An extra perk is that you can use parts of the clip to advertise on Youtube or Google. The point is you can repurpose the clip as many times as you want, and sell more without necessarily doing more work.

Helps with VR Experiences

Thanks to augmented reality, prospects can actually "see" what their new apartments look like before even stepping there.

In fact, it can be used for virtual staging where the prospective client just gets to use virtual reality kits and experience the new place.

This goes a long way in convincing clients to just make a down payment on the lease, instead of going back and forth.

With rents taking up between 39 and 50 percent of many people's incomes, you can be sure that they'll want the best value for their money.

Not only will this help with your apartment rentals, but it'll also help you avoid certain expenses. For instance, house staging is a necessary part of the renting process. people come into the apartment, see what it's like when it's fully occupied, and helps them decide if they want it or not.

Apartment or home staging has always helped sell and rent more properties faster than empty spaces without any staging.

Saves Time and Energy

House hunting can be quite stressful. People have to physically inspect multiple apartments before choosing one. This can result in time wastage and unnecessary energy consumption.

A single powerful solution that can make this easier is a 3D rendering of the apartment. This way, people can see what their apartment looks like before even stepping out deciding they want the apartment.

So, instead of driving around town looking at multiple properties, you can just show them the renders you have. This way, they can choose those they're interested in for physical inspection if they want.

For you as a real estate agent, this means you'll get to spend more of your time working on your business and building it to become even bigger. And even better, you'll still be able to attend to your clients effectively.

As far as we're concerned this tool aids productivity and saves a lot of time while you do more apartment rentals.

Great for Showing Remote Prospects

Thanks to technology, you don't have to physically present somewhere to experience the place.

With 3D animation and rendering software, apartment rentals through remote viewing have become increasingly easier. If someone is moving into your town, they don't need to spend weeks in a hotel looking for a suitable apartment.

With the ease of remote viewing, you can send them the 3D render. And if they like it, they'll pay and move into the apartment immediately they arrive in the city.

Are 3D Rendering a Must-Have?

Honestly, any tool that helps make your work easier, and allows you to push more apartment rentals is a necessity. If you want to be ahead of your competition, sell homes, get renters, and make a bank, this is a must-have.

Want to learn more about 3D renderings and virtual tours? Check out some of our previous work and get in touch.